Introduction: Unusual Uses for Everyday Things

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Hey, for this instructable I made up some unusual uses/lifehacks for things you use everyday. I also made a video about the same things, so if you want to just head over to my youtube channel, and check it out!

Step 1: Hand Cream for Frizzy Hair

I dont know about you but I always seem to get frizzy hair somehow. Therefor I finally found out you actually can use ordinary Hand cream to get rid of it!!

Spread a small amount of the cream in your hand and scrunch your fingers through the frizz.

This trick has saved me so many times, so it was about time I shared it with the world.

Step 2: Hand Cream for Polishing Shoes

Running late for an event and can't find your original shoe polisher?

Just pinch a little bit of lotion on a cloth and buff it on your shoes, the cream will make your shoes shine like a diamond.

Step 3: Hand Cream As Shaving Creme

If you ran out of shaving cream, dont worry just grab your regular

hand cream and apply to your legs just as normal, then you can shave + your legs will stay moisturized afterward.

Step 4: Nail Polish to Stop Tarnish

If you dont want your new bracelet to tarnish like the other ones you own?

Coat them lightly with a clear nail polish, and this will prevent them from getting brown.

Step 5: Nail Polish to Mend Your Screen

Have your phone shattered, and now the screen has cracked, you can stop a small hole from getting bigger and the screen to flake by brushing bit of clear nail polish over the spot.

Step 6: Nail Polish to Smooth Your Hanger

If some of your wooden og plastic hangers has rough edges and snag your clothes every time you take them off your hanger, you dont have to throw the hangers out.

Just brush som nail polish over the spot, sand you can now rock your sweater without holes on the shoulders.

Step 7: Lipbalm As Cuticle Softener

Since lip balm are made with super-moisturizing ingredients it makes them perfect to use like cuticle softeners. So next time you notice your cuticles are looking dry and cracked, just take a small amount of the lip balm and massage it on with your fingers.

Step 8: Lip Balm As Brow Tamer

If your brow gel is empty you can just use a lip balm to tame them, apply a little bit to your brows and brush through them. This will also keep your brows in place without the stiff finish some brow gels can give.

This is definitely one of my new favorite tricks.

Step 9: Lip Balm As Cheek Stain

Skip the blush and use your favorite tinted lip balm instead.

Apply it to your cheeks and blend it out with your fingers. The result will be a natural, dewy glow, that lasts a long time.

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