Upgrade Your Basic Flipflops With Rope or Ducktape Only

Introduction: Upgrade Your Basic Flipflops With Rope or Ducktape Only

If your basic flip flops keep falling of your feet, or you traverse the river or walk in damp or wet environment - easily upgrade them and save money buying new ones.

DIY upgrade it, be like a boss! Try some anti-consumerism.

FB: project.spiral WWW: www.spirala.si

Step 1: Watch the Video..

Follow detailed instructions. It's that easy!

Materials used: rope (or duck tape)

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    4 years ago

    this looks like it would rub on the back of the foot, maybe it could be improved with a bit of padding there? If it was a bit of soft tube it could roll around and not ever be the wrong way round.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi Orgamiunicorn,
    That is also a great option.
    I walked 28 days in the jungle with this setup, in the river, damp tropic conditions 24/7 (rain season). No problem.
    But you can use tubbing if you have it .. or pad it with a piece of cloth, that does not catch water. This way you won't get blisters.
    Same reason I did not use it, and just sticked to the rope only.