Introduction: Vamp Up Your Old T's

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Got old t-shirts....want a hot look? All it takes is a pair of scissors!

Step 1:

Get your old t-shirt It has to be 100% cotton
cut off the sleeves and neckline...keep the neckline.
now fold the t-shirt side seam to seam...pull the front out and cut horizontal lines..start cutting about 6" below the
neckline..and stop at the bottom the seam.
The horizontal lines should stop about 3" from the side seams...refer picture.
you needn't worry about it being wouldn't matter.

Step 2: The Weave -1

Basically there are 2 weaves in t-shirt weaving...i'll be using both.
for the back i would be doing the first weave.
now stretch the t-shirt till the cords roll up.( see....i told you you needn't be perfect)
now...please try to understand.
take the 2nd cord ...pass it under the 1st and pull it down...then pull the 3rd cord  under and over the 2nd and pull it pull the 4the cord under and over the 3rd cord....repeat all the way down.

Step 3: Laddering

once you have done the weave all the way down.... we will go back to the top and do the same thing...but leaving the first row...we start from the 2nd row.
do the same weave starting from the second row and go all the way down. once you are done....go back up and start from the 3rd the weave all the way down and  and go back to to top and start the weave from the 4the row...continue till the 5th or 6the would know when to stop...that is when you cant weave anymore...( that would be the 5th)
Once you come to the end of your weave....cut the last loop with the scissor and tie it to the bottom seam... If you like you may trim the excess.

Step 4: 2nd Weave - Loop

Now the may cut it and just leave it...if you like it that way...or you could go for the weave....i went for the loop weave for the front. refer to the picture and cut slits in the shape of a 'V'
Stretch it.
Take the 2nd cord under the 1st and make a loop and pull it down over the 1st  cord (same and the 1st weave...only difference is we make a loop)
pull the 3rd cord under the loop of the 2nd cord make a loop and and pull down over the 3rd cord...repeat...till you come to the end...
Tack the last loop to the T-shirt (this is the only stitch you do for the whole get up!)

Step 5: The Neck Cord

Remember the Neckline??
well now we need it.
Pass the neck cord through the loops in the 1st row in the front...send one end of the cord through the other and pull till you get a knot....that's it!
Go enjoy your racy outfit!

btw...please excuse the poor quality of the snaps as i only had a phone camera on hand.

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