Introduction: Vegan Lasagna - Video Recipe

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I like to prepare simple, everyday meals, and I want to show you that living vegan can be easy and cheap - you can veganize everything you like! Just replace animal products with cruelty-free alternatives. You also don't have to be a professional in the kitchen, just experiment and have fun! And don't hurt any animals in the making.

Step 1: Vegan Lasagna - Video Recipe

How to make lasagna without animal products - including beschamel! Fast, simple and without expensive ingredients :)

I filled this lasagna with vegan bolognese, and two types of zucchini - white and green.

The first step is to make vegan bolognese - there's a separate video on that which you can see here:

The second step is to prepare the rest of the ingredients; chop the zucchinies and tomatoes. Fill the lasagna and on every "floor" add a different filling; one with bolognese, one with zucchinies and so on.

Lastly, make the beschamel sauce. This is a really simple and low budget version, I used vegan butter which I melted in water and added spices. Add the beschamel sauce on top of the lasagna and it will have a great crust.

Put the lasagna in the oven for about 40 min on 180 celsius, but still check on it occasionally because not every oven is the same.

Five minutes before it's done, add some fresh tomatoes on top for decoration and leave everything in the oven for five more minutes. And done!

p.s. I used premade pasta for the lasagna.

p.p.s. the lasagna will be much better and won't stick on the tray if you use vegan butter instead of oil in the tray.