Introduction: Voodoo Doll From a Recycled Bottle

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From the Twisted Mind of Radioactv Biohazard comes a Voodoo Doll from a recycled water bottle.
(Or Sunny D Bottle)

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We all have those days. We want to rip someone's head off and feed it to a dog, we want to kick them in their HTML Tags and such. Well, I invented a cheap stress-relief idea.

-All you need is:
  • A Plastic Bottle that once contained liquid (I like to use Sunny-D bottles.) -Voodoo Doll
  • Thumb-tacks - Voodoo Pins

Step 1: Drink!

If we pierce a thumb-tack (or 'Voodoo Pin') through a bottle with liquid in it, chances are, it's going to leak all over. So, drink the contents!
(But not so fast that you puke all over. I'm not responsible if that happens)

  • Drink the contents out of the bottle.
  • Then fill it with water and empty it
  • Make sure its COMPLETELY empty.
  • Go pee.

Try not to choke yourself. That's what you do to the voodoo doll.

Step 2: Decorate!


If you want, you can draw some features of a Voodoo Doll. This includes:

  • Eyes (but no pupil. Just a big black circle.)
  • Stitched Mouth (a mouth that looks like stitches)
  • Heart (the obvious)

Step 3: Pierce!

Shove some thumb-tacks into the bottle.

Here's a list of times you could pierce your doll

  • Each day when you wake up have a box of thumb tacks next to your Voodoo and stick a thumb tack in it as the days go by.
  • Every time your mad, stick a thumb-tack or 73 through the bottle.
  • When your bored, Shove thumb-tacks through the bottle.
  • Pretend it's your -ex

Step 4: It Can Also....

  • Be a friendly decoration (or a warning sign)
  • Waste some time when your bored
  • Use some thumb-tacks that you keep stepping on
  • Anger Management Therapy for a cheap price.
  • Recycle plastic and save the world!

Step 5: Games!

Of course, what is a toy without a few games? Here are some 'interesting' games I made specifically designed for the use of this Voodoo Doll.

'How fast?'
-Have a contest to see how fats they can push 5-20 thumb-tacks into the Voodoo Doll
-See who can push more thumb-tacks in the bottle in 15 seconds

'Pin the Voodoo Pin in the Heart!'
-Close your eyes and try to pierce a thumb-tack in the Voodoo Doll's Heart.

'That's gotta hurt...'
-See how many Voodoo Pins you can fit on the heart.

Sorry I'm kinda short on Ideas..... Post your ideas here!

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