Introduction: WIKarts: How to Make Jewelry With Metal Spikes

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Create a wide variety of jewelry items using standard (and not-so-standard) metal spikes!


Tools and Materials

Corded Spike Bracelet:

- 14 (or more/less) of 3/8 inch small hex spikes (size 10)

- 48 inches of 1.5mm cord

- Metal button with 2 holes

- Scissors

This will make a bracelet about 8 inches in length. To adjust the size use more or less spikes and cord.

Banded Vinyl and Spike Linked Bracelet:

- 11 of 1/2 inch tree spikes (size 13)

- 11 of 2 inch by 1/2 inch vinyl (or thin leather) strips

- 11 small rubber bands

- Leather hole punch

- Phillips screwdriver

- Scissors

This will make a bracelet about 8 inches in length. To make it larger or smaller just lengthen or shorten your vinyl strips, or use more or less links. To make a necklace use loosely linked non-elastic cord instead or rubber bands, or use shaped wire links.

Elastic Cord and Double-Spike Bracelet:

- 28 of 1/2 inch tree spikes (size 13)

- 24 inches of 1mm to 2mm elastic cord

- 42 pony beads (or comparable large-hole beads)

- 14 of 5/8 inch #6-32 set screws

- Scissors

This will make a bracelet about 7.5 inches in length. To make it larger or smaller just add or subtract bead, spikes, and set screws (3 beads/2 spikes/1 set screw per section)

Knotted Cord and Double-Spike Bracelet

- 24 of 5/8 inch thin tree spikes (size 15)

- 12 of 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch M4-0.7 set screws

- 12 pony beads (or other large-hole beads)

- 48 inch cord (1mm to 1.5mm)

- 36 inch cord (1mm to 1.5mm)

- 4 hole button

- Scissors

This will make a bracelet about 7 inches in length. Size can be lengthened by making the cords that secure the button longer, and/or by adding more spike components.



Spikes used in this tutorial can be purchased at Studs and Spikes:

Set Screws (Cup Point)

3/8, 5/8, and 3/4 are all very useful 6-32 set screws:

3/8 inch

5/8 inch

3/4 inch

M4-0.7 Set Screws (Cup Point)

Here are the M4-0.7 16mm set screws I used - only without the black oxide finish:

The Thin Tree Spikes in the video will be flush with no bead between them when using a 16mm set screw like the ones I used with pony beads - these are probably the most versatile metric set screw size to connect spikes. I haven't used all the types of spikes that use M4-0.7 set screws, but if you were only buying one size of metric set screw to get started I'd suggest the 16mm, for a secondary size I'd suggest 10mm.

If you want to use the Chicago Screws seen towards the end of the video you can get them from

Elastic cord and wire can be bought in many different places - local stores or online. I bought the Rainbow Loom rubber bands from my local fabric store - if you don't have one, you can get them on places like ebay or Amazon.

I hope you enjoy this instructable!

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