WIKarts: How to Make Jewelry With Metal Spikes

Introduction: WIKarts: How to Make Jewelry With Metal Spikes

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Create a wide variety of jewelry items using standard (and not-so-standard) metal spikes!


Tools and Materials

Corded Spike Bracelet:

- 14 (or more/less) of 3/8 inch small hex spikes (size 10)

- 48 inches of 1.5mm cord

- Metal button with 2 holes

- Scissors

This will make a bracelet about 8 inches in length. To adjust the size use more or less spikes and cord.

Banded Vinyl and Spike Linked Bracelet:

- 11 of 1/2 inch tree spikes (size 13)

- 11 of 2 inch by 1/2 inch vinyl (or thin leather) strips

- 11 small rubber bands

- Leather hole punch

- Phillips screwdriver

- Scissors

This will make a bracelet about 8 inches in length. To make it larger or smaller just lengthen or shorten your vinyl strips, or use more or less links. To make a necklace use loosely linked non-elastic cord instead or rubber bands, or use shaped wire links.

Elastic Cord and Double-Spike Bracelet:

- 28 of 1/2 inch tree spikes (size 13)

- 24 inches of 1mm to 2mm elastic cord

- 42 pony beads (or comparable large-hole beads)

- 14 of 5/8 inch #6-32 set screws

- Scissors

This will make a bracelet about 7.5 inches in length. To make it larger or smaller just add or subtract bead, spikes, and set screws (3 beads/2 spikes/1 set screw per section)

Knotted Cord and Double-Spike Bracelet

- 24 of 5/8 inch thin tree spikes (size 15)

- 12 of 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch M4-0.7 set screws

- 12 pony beads (or other large-hole beads)

- 48 inch cord (1mm to 1.5mm)

- 36 inch cord (1mm to 1.5mm)

- 4 hole button

- Scissors

This will make a bracelet about 7 inches in length. Size can be lengthened by making the cords that secure the button longer, and/or by adding more spike components.



Spikes used in this tutorial can be purchased at Studs and Spikes:


Set Screws (Cup Point)


3/8, 5/8, and 3/4 are all very useful 6-32 set screws:

3/8 inch


5/8 inch


3/4 inch


M4-0.7 Set Screws (Cup Point)


Here are the M4-0.7 16mm set screws I used - only without the black oxide finish:


The Thin Tree Spikes in the video will be flush with no bead between them when using a 16mm set screw like the ones I used with pony beads - these are probably the most versatile metric set screw size to connect spikes. I haven't used all the types of spikes that use M4-0.7 set screws, but if you were only buying one size of metric set screw to get started I'd suggest the 16mm, for a secondary size I'd suggest 10mm.

If you want to use the Chicago Screws seen towards the end of the video you can get them from http://www.buckleguy.com

Elastic cord and wire can be bought in many different places - local stores or online. I bought the Rainbow Loom rubber bands from my local fabric store - if you don't have one, you can get them on places like ebay or Amazon.

I hope you enjoy this instructable!

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