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Introduction: Wall Decor

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Today's DIY is on how to decorate a boring wall with - Floral Monogram & Pom Pom Garland

Step 1: Materials Required

MDF alphabet or paper mache alphabet

Glue Gun

Artificial flowers



3 fingers :)

washi tape

Step 2:

Separate the flowers from stem. Cut the stems as close as possible. This is done to ensure that the flowers stay flat on the letters

Step 3:

Now take your glue gun and start pasting your flowers

Step 4:

I pasted the bigger flowers first, then placed the smaller flowers in the gaps. This is how it looks like now

Step 5:

Do the same for the other letter. Or skip if you are going to do only one letter

Step 6:

Since I am in a rented house, I can’t have nails on my walls :(
So I chose washi tapes to support my monogram. The best thing about washi tapes, is that you can use it like a normal tape and it will not damage your walls while peeling off ! Isn’t that a great factor for those living in rented house?

So here is the final pic on my wall – I know the edges aren’t good, as washi tapes are visible outside the letters, but it still looks pretty!

Step 7:

This DIY took me only less than an hour (including rests in between).

Step 8: Pom Pom Garland

First, take your yarn and start winding around your three fingers

Step 9:

Count and wind till 100 rounds

Step 10:

Snip off the the remaining and tie a knot. It should look like a bow.
Now, a small change, make sure you have 2 strands after tying the know as shown below! We will be tying this to a thread for the garland

Step 11:

Here we are – pom pom maker. Snip off the edges.

Step 12:

Start trimming, and keep rotating it like a ball to get loose ends and cut them. Trim them so that they appear like a pom pom.

Step 13:

Your pom pom is ready. I love how fluffy it is! I made in red and pink!

Step 14:

Take your yarn and mark spots to tie the pom pom’s on it. Here is your pom pom garland

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    7 years ago

    beautiful , i like it