Waste of Time and Parts

Introduction: Waste of Time and Parts

I was thinking yesterday and I got the idea that "I want a pistol, but I also want it to be needlessly complex, wildly inaccurate, and rather underpowered."

This fit the bill nicely, It's a hammer-fired single-shot pistol with a bootleg interior/exterior "ratchet" trigger (probably the most complex trigger I've designed, and notoriously finicky.)

The basic mechanism is similar to bballkidx's hammer-fired pistol from way back in the day, but made more compact, with an inline hammer/trigger and ergonomics suitable for people other than the incredible hulk.

If (for some inexplicable reason) you build this from the pictures (it shouldn't be that hard, I'm happy to explain anything if you need it), take note that the hammer hits the ammo high, and so will fail to fire if the round is too far back in the bullet-lock (slightly forward of the halfway point will usually be fine.)

Furthermore, this is designed for a left-handed user (me), you'll have to mirror it if you want it to be somewhat comfortable to use. Just flip the images around in paint or something and go from there.

It was originally break action as well, but the trigger was more exposed, it was hard to load with the socket connectors being what they are, and had a penchant for exploding. Needless to say, that feature was scrapped.

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    An Villain
    An Villain

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yeah a lot of my designs seem to fit the "3+ years old" bill, I guess that's what happens when you stop practicing for that long.

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad to hear someone found it interesting.