Introduction: Weird Falling-Block Rifle

This is an odd one, I was just throwing ideas around and this happened to come together. Kind of pointless, really, but I thought it was fun.

it's a fairly basic rifle, but it has an unusual feeding mechanism: a tubular magazine (holds 8+1 grey connectors) with a manually reciprocated block that lifts them from the magazine into the receiver (the block normally sits in the "up" position, when dropped down it accepts a round from the magazine, then lifts it back into the chamber). In essence it's a needlessly slow and complex bolt-action.

The magazine loads quickly, (one of the main reasons I like it, most guns with fixed magazines are rather fiddly to reload, here the connectors just slot in,) and the block reciprocates smoothly, its range of motion is fixed to the width of a grey connector, and it can't be removed from the gun. The block cannot be moved when the gun is uncocked, however it can sit in either position.

Range is very good (40-50 ft), due to the mechanism it is (in essence) a single-shot weapon, however it's hampered by the lightweight ammunition. Its rate of fire is also unimpressive, as it needs to be cocked as well as cycled every shot.

On an unrelated note, thank you all for your kind words on my previous Instructables. I've just moved and transferred schools, so I haven't seen them until recently, but they are very much appreciated.