Introduction: Water-Proof Shoes Reusing Old Candle

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Good morning! yes, but it rains ... then maybe it's not so much a good morning, but here I have a solution for your feet completely wet when you get home

First look at the Video so you can quickly understand what it is ... and then we go to the instructables!

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

What do you need?

very Few things:

  • An old white candle that you don't use anymore

  • An Hairdryer

The candle could also be new, however, since here we are talking about systems for reusing things it is better for your pockets and for the environment

Step 2: Wax Everywhere!

"Wax On, Wax Off"

we will only limit ourselves to putting on wax, so much too

in this case you can opt both to lay down only one layer, I advise you to repeat this thing several times until the result does not satisfy you

Step 3: Power of Heat.

Let's warm up, turn on the oven!

No Wait! I was Joking :D

What you have to do is Heat the Shoes to melt the wax in those places where you put the wax ..

What's Happened?

simply the wax melts and becomes liquid, the fiber of which the shoe is composed absorbs them as if it were a sponge, once cooled the wax returns in solid form and cover the fiber of your shoe making them repellent to water .. True ingenious ?

Step 4: Let's Test!

Now we just have to test if everything works,

take a few drops of water and pour it on the area treated with wax, to your great astonishment the water slips away like it would on your raincoat

I hope you enjoyed this instructables and if you like, come and see my other guides, ah and remember to vote for me at the Reuse contest!

Greetings and a hug from the good


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