Introduction: Wedding/Bridal Cupcake Stand DIY

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This stand makes a great presentation and a cute center piece at your dessert table :)

Step 1: Method

You will need:

Bride template (from the net)



Double side sticky tape (or hot glue, see note)

Pretty fabric such as tulle ($8, believe it or not I found it at a thrift store as I made this on weekend and no stores that sell fabric were open)

Flower ($3 from Dollarstore)

Paper puncher

Ribbon ($2 from Walmart)

Flower decoration with pearl (optional) ($1.50 from Walmart)

Hard carton (for craft, depending where you get it, it is somewhere around $2 - $5)

Cupcake/dessert tower (I use Wilton) ($19.99 from Walmart, sale price)

Trace the template on hard carton, and cut

With paper puncher, punch a hole on the hair bun area

Make veil with the tulle and tie it on the bun area using ribbon that goes through the hole

Hot glue/tape/tie your bride on to the very top of the dessert tower

Discard long stem from the flower, just gather the flower and glue them with regular sticky tape, then tie a tulle plus a ribbon to make it prettier. Then I attached a flower decoration with a little hot glue (again optional)

Hot glue/tape your flower on the side of the top dessert tower

And your stand is ready :)

Step 2: Isn't She Beautiful?


I ran out of ribbon/tulle/fancy fabric/pearls to cover each stack of the tower. If you have more, do so, it would be prettier like a dress :)

Hot glue means the bride and flower would stick on your tower forever, thus you cannot reuse your tower for other occasion, unless you can detach those nicely.

To tie the bride to the top is by punching two holes and tie with ribbon (you can make it sure not to move by doing this PLUS double side sticky tape)

CONGRATS on your engagement/bridal shower/wedding!

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