Introduction: Weight Powered Car

Have fun making this weight powered car.


You will need:
A sheet of cardboard
Box cuter knife
Cutter/scissors (for cutting skewer sticks)
Sticky tape
2x popsicle sticks
3x skewer sticks

Step 1: Making the Base

Cut a 22cm by 12 cm rectangle from the cardboard
Then cut a rectangle 4cm up and 6cm across at one end.
As shone above

Step 2: Attaching the Wheels

Cut 4 10cm cardboard wheels and mark the centre in each one
Then push a skewer stick through one of the wheels and then push the other side through the base and attach the other wheel as shown.
Glue both wheels using a hot glue gun.
Now do the same to attach the wheels on the other side of the base
As shown above

Step 3: Making the Weight Supporter

Cut a 50cm by 12cm cardboard and score two lines down the middle as shown.
Then fold the cardboard and tape the sides .
Then glue the supporter to the car.
As shown above

Step 4: Making the Skewer Wider

Cut a 3cm by 10 cm cardboard and glue one end of it to the skewer stick
Then start wrapping it around the skewer stick
(This will make it easier for the weight to turn the skewer stick)
As shown in pictures

Step 5: Making the Pulley

Cut a 2cm by 6cm cardboard and tape the ends together to make a tube shape
Then cut 2x 3cm circles and mark the centre one both circles .
Now glue the circles to both ends of the tube.
As shown above

Step 6: Attaching the Pulley

cut 2x 10cm by 3cm cardboards and glue them to the top of the weight supporter as shown.
Then push a skewer stick through one of them .
Now push the skewer stick through the pulley and push the rest of the skewer stick through the other cardboard
Using a cutter cut off the excess skewer stick from both sides.
As shown above

Step 7: Attaching the Weight

Cut a 120 cm piece of string and tie a weight to one side . (I used a bolt)
Take the other end of the string and start wrapping it around the skewer stick
Then lift the weight and put it over the pulley .
As shown above

Step 8: Finishing Off

To strengthen the wheels cut 4x 3cm by 3 cm cardboard pieces
Glue them onto the wheels for extra support as shown (Cut off excess skewer sticks)
Glue two popsicle sticks to the base for extra support
As shown above

And there you have it your own weight powered car

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