Introduction: Weightlifter Automata

This is a simple automata I made of a man lifting weights. It is a very simple project to construct and I will show you how. This image below was what inspired me to create it. It works by me spinning a straw which in turn pushes up another straw. This makes the image of a cardboard weightlifter that lifts weights.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 1: Materials/ Tools

-Box cutter


- 6 Bendy straws



-Hot glue gun

-Cardboard box

- 1 Wood stick

Step 2: Cut Pieces Out of Cardboard

Cut the front off of you cardboard box so that you have an open end to view your interior. Cut out your man and put Styrofoam between two slabs of man shaped cardboard to resemble the weightlifter. Cut out weights. Cut out two small squares from cardboard. Cut out your cams. Cut out arms for the man. Cut the bendy ends off of the straws and attach two solid straws together by tape.

Step 3: Creation

-Put the man on top of the box with tape
-Tape 2 bendy straws and do that twice

-Add the weight to the man's arms

-Put the circles onto the straw

-Attach the squares to the straws and balance them on the circles

-Place the straws with squares through the box and attach them to the weights

-Place the straw with circles through the box horizontally

-The two circles should be pressing against the squares

-Now make sure the straws cannot fall through the box

Step 4: Operation

If you spin the horizontal straws counter-clockwise, the squares will be pushed up by the cams, therefore pushing up the weights in the man's arms. Because the straws are attached to the moveable arms on the taped down man, it applies upward pressure on the weights. This then resembles a man lifting weights, which was intended as the end result.

Step 5: Decoration/Visual Appeal

Add the remaining bendy straw ends to the top of the box to make it beautiful and colourful. Draw a 6 pack of abs on the man to make it realistic along with a smile and eyes and nose. This is meant to resemble me so I believe I did a very good job. It became colourful and muscular which makes it more appealing and visually pleasing.