Introduction: A Fun Game for All

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This 'ible describes how to quickly put together a fun game for your summer fair.

Step 1: Whack-a-Rat Fund Raising Game

This was a very last minute project that turned out surprisingly well.
A friend called round and told me he had promised to set up a stall at the local school summer fair.....and could I make him something!
Sure, said I ...when is it?
"This afternoon" he said !
That gave us just a couple of hours and so I knew it was MacGyver time...

Step 2: Find or Buy Some Pipe

I had a short length lying around but PVC drain pipe is not very expensive.

Keep a lookout for surplus/scrap from local drain work.

Step 3: Use Any Suitable Boards

I had a couple of old scrap wood panels that I could use.

You can use any suitable material or even mount the pipe on a pair of step-ladders.

Step 4: Hinge the Boards

This was a rapid build and was not a permanent build, so I decided to use good old duct tape as a serviceable hinge.

I started with vertical strips and then placed wide strips across as you will see in the next picture.

Step 5: Test Stability

The simple tape hinge was solid and the two boards stood up safely.

Step 6: Tape Down the Pipe

I strapped several bands of tape across the pipe and around the back.

Step 7: Tape the Bottom

As extra security I taped the bottom of the pipe too.

Step 8: Now for the Rat

I cut off an old sock and filled it with chippings.
You could use marbles, dried beans or any other other weighty load.

Step 9: Secure the Rat

I wrapped more tape around the sock filled 'rat'. I felt this was essential since it will be 'splatted' many times.

Step 10: Pretty Rat

I was going to just draw some eyes on the tape and call it ratty but we found an old 'home made', puppet which was perfect to make a better looking rat.

You can have as much fun and take as much time as you like to make a great looking rat.

Since I only had a couple of hours this was a super solution.

Step 11: Ready to Test

After just 45 minutes we had a working game.

Step 12: Time to Drop the Rat...

In it goes... looking a little scared...

Step 13: It Works

With good it got splatted !

Yes it worked.
(Disclosure: the picture is set up by taping the rat in place whilst I 'hit it').
Frankly we never managed to hit the rat!

The fact that it is very hard could make it safe offering BIG prizes for successful splats.

Having a big incentive to try splatting would raise more money for your cause.

Even if you do not use this to raise funds, or when it is not being used for that purpose, it can be a fun activity outdoors for the young ones (and and not so young ones) to enjoy.

Step 14: Loads of Money

I asked my friend to take pictures of people trying to hit the rat but...
He said that he was too busy collecting money to take pictures.
He says his stand was very popular and raised £60 that afternoon.
(Only one child managed to, accidentally, hit the rat during the fair).

I was quite pleased with the result of a couple of hours effort.
Of course it could be made a lot better and more 'pro' but I don't think that would increase the money raising potential.

If you build a Whack-a-Rat fund raiser please comment, including the amount raised.

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