Introduction: Whiskey/Wine Etc Bottle Container False Bottom - (Made for a Contest Long Lost)

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As the images suggest , this is a pretty straighforward build.

Normally people throw away the cardboard container , even more after getting a few drinks inside.Try to remember that your valuables are under your poison.

Things you need

A Whiskey/ Wine / Gin /Rum Bottle with the cardboard cylindrical container.
Some cardboard of a similar color( Tear a strip from a carton )
A pen/pencil/marker
A blade / Sissors
Objects to hide USB Drives, Diamonds etc
Cling film (Optional)

Make sure the bottle has some moving space. The best way to check that is to flip it over,holding it from the top and bottom.
If there is a sound of the bottle hitting the lid or the bottom that means it has got some extra height for our plan


Outline the size of the cardboard circle needed.
Place the objects on it and draw the outline.
Cling film/ food wrap your items if you want
Cut the layout of your objects on the circle
Add more layers on top and below and glue them.
Insert them into the bottle.
Put the bottle on top of your object loaded false bottom and carry or store it as you wish.

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