Introduction: Wire Art Cat or Solder a Wire Frame Animal

About: Founder maker space 'maakplek' Groningen, The Netherlands. Like to visit Maker Faires and travel.

Make a wire frame cat or other design.


  • metal wire
  • solder
  • piece of wood
  • wood nails
  • blue tack, poster gum or poster buddy (to hold pieces of wire in place)


  • soldering iron
  • wire cutters
  • hammer

//made mine at the Groningen maker space.

Step 1: Draw or Download a Design

I wanted to make this cat from the local cat café, printed it on two pages.

Step 2: Use Nails for a Jig, Solder Wire

  1. Glue/draw your design on a piece of wood
  2. Hammer nails in place to form a soldering jig
  3. Use wire cutters to cut some pieces of metal wire to size, or fold along jig
    > protect your eyes when cutting metal wire
  4. Use poster gum / blue tack / poster buddy to hold metal wire in place
  5. Solder away!
    > don't inhale fumes, ventilate
    > don't burn yourself
    > don't set the paper and or wood on fire
    > and just generally be safe

Step 3: Take a Picture of Your Work and Share It Here!

Made in the Groningen maker space.