Introduction: Wire Dream Catcher Pendant

A friend of mine wanted me to teach him how to make dream catchers so here is an instructable

This technique can be used with other materials

Once you get the hang of it, it does not take long at all and can be made in an half hour or less

Step 1: What You Need and Starting the Pendant

You will need:

  • Pliers
  • flush wire cutters
  • Wire ( I used 26 guage copper wire)
  • metal ring ( I used a 1'' hoop with a 9 guage thickness)
  • Beads
  • Pendant Bail

  1. To start cut your wire to about 30'' in length (keep in mind through this instructable to be careful not to knot your wire especially if it is a thin one because you risk breaking it)
  2. Wrap the end of the wire around the hoop joint a few times to cover it, using the pliers to make sure it is tight
  3. Then bring the wire to the opposite side that the wrap ends

Step 2: Starting the Weave

  1. Space the wire a little bit away from the wrap and start a loop making sure to hold everything in place while you are doing so
  2. Wile starting the loop go around the back of the hoop
  3. Come around the top
  4. And down between hoop and wire
  5. Pull tight
  6. And repeat around the whole hoop

Step 3: The Second Row

Starting the second row is much like the the first, but instead of looping around the hoop you are going to loop around the loop space wires

  1. Take the loop around the back
  2. Bring it up through between hoop and wire make sure to keep it around the middle
  3. And down between the new space and wire that was just made
  4. Pull tight
  5. And repeat until you get to the center of the piece

Step 4: Finishing the Weave

Once you near the center of your dream catcher make sure to leave enough space for the size of bead you are using.

To finish the weave wrap the wire around the last loop that you made and clamp it tight with the needle nose pliers.

Cut the wire flush with the weave making sure not to cut any thing else.

Step 5: Adding the Bead

  1. Take the excess wire that you cut off and string on the bead
  2. Bend the wire down on both sides of the bead to trap it
  3. Then pass both ends of wire through to the back of your weave inside of 2 loops
  4. Then bring both ends of wire together and twist them together a few times
  5. Cut off one of the strands and flatten that end with the pliers
  6. Tale the other strand and pass it through to the front of the weave , and back to the back wrapping it around one off the loops closest to the bead
  7. Then cut it flush with the weave being careful not to cut any thing else

Step 6: Finishing the Pendant

Once finished add on the bail and feel free to tie on any other beads that you wish

Then all you have to do is attach a cord or chain and enjoy your new Dream Catcher Pendant

Thank you for reading my instructable and I hope you enjoyed it

And if you do plan to give it a try I would love to see it, so please post it in the comment section

Happy crafting :)


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