"Whisk Me Away" ( Vintage Kitchen Tool Necklace)

Introduction: "Whisk Me Away" ( Vintage Kitchen Tool Necklace)

I had a great time combining these vintage beads with an antique whisk. You really need to be muscular or determined to reshape some of these old finds. They were made of strong metal.

Step 1: Shopping at Junk Stores and Flea Markets

Have fun shopping at "junque stores" and Flea Markets for vintage pieces with potential. Each find is an inspiration.

Step 2: Give Your Treasure a New Home

This is such a great old wisk. Now what do I do with it?

Step 3: Find It Some Vintage Friends

I discovered just 5 Bakelite vintage beads. They had a good feel. They were large but light in weight. I liked the gradation in color.

Step 4: Do Some Pushups, You Need to Be Strong

Now take the handle of the whisk and bend it back into itself. Take a breath! Next use some large pliers and pinch the fold a bit tighter. This will be the shape that holds the neck wire.
Take some fine wire and wrap across the top. You are making a cage for two of the Bakelite beads to roll around freely. This is a kinetic piece!!

Step 5: Just for Design Sake

Now open the bent wire that connects the handle to the whisk basket. Straighten it out and slide on one of the beads (so glad that the beads had a large hole that was just right!). Rebend the wire and reconnect to the basket.
Drop the 2 vintage Bakelite beads into the basket and slide the fine wire in place to hold them there.

Step 6: Use an Old Neckwire and Some Leather

I took an old stainless steel neck wire that had a twist end on it. I cut the twist clasp off. Next I measured some leather cording and crimped it together with the stainless wire. I wanted to make the length adjustable so I added some chain and a loop closure. I felt that the wire alone was not enough to visually support the new "spiral pendant".

Step 7: Now Enjoy Rockin' Your Kitchen Kenetic Vintage

Slip on your necklace and enjoy all the comments.  "Aren't you cooking any more?"
You could also make some spiral wire cage earrings out of some aluminum wire. It is light and easy to shape. You will need to find a few smaller beads.

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