Witch Potion Bottles!

Introduction: Witch Potion Bottles!

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Easy how to of witch potion bottles!

You will need:
-Glass bottles.
-Food coloring.
-White acrylic paint.
-Paint brush.
-Optional glitter.
-Optional vampire blood. (you can get them at Wal-Mart during the holidays.)

Step 1: Water!

First off get your bottles full of water, try to not make them even.

Step 2: Food Coloring!

Get some food coloring to color the water.

Step 3: BLOOD!

I used vampire blood in one of my bottles.. I think it looks cool. =P

Step 4: Color the Water!

Using purple, green, and orange I colored my other bottles. To make the color lighter use less drops, for a deep color add a lot. Tip: I used my yellow food coloring because it will look orange in the water.

Step 5: Glitter!

Using the black glitter I added it to the orange one to make it look chunky.

Step 6: Paint

Then taking acrylic paint, I painting pictures such as a skull. you can do whatever you want.

Step 7: Done!

That's it. =P

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