Introduction: Witches Candy Bowl

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Another easy tutorial for making Halloween candy bowl :) If before I posted a tutorial for Jack O' Lantern themed candy bowl, this time it's for the witches ;-)

Step 1: Materials

  • Halloween themed paper cup, from Dollarstore
  • witches stockings, from Dollarstore
  • tube/cylinder packaging (like from aluminum foil, but big ones)
  • see-through Halloween themed wrapper made of clothing material, from Dollarstore
  • Halloween decorations (snakes, witches hair bando), also from Dollarstore
  • Halloween themed bowl, from Dollarstore
  • high heels, from thrift store
  • ribbons

Step 2: How To

You may need to cut the cylinder packaging, depending how tall you'd like the witches legs to be, you will need two pairs, for left and right legs.

Dress the legs with the stockings and with strong gorilla glue, attach the legs onto paper cups, left and right.

Stand the legs inside the high heels by gluing the cups, if needed (should your high heels are bigger than the cups/cylinder packaging, secure left and right with foam which would need to be glued to the inside of the high heels as well.

Glue candy bowl on the top of the legs, then wrap the clothing-wrapper around creating a skirt. Tie a ribbon to make it prettier.

Basically your candy bowl is done, but we want to make it more festive, so glue ribbons to the high heels as well and also glue the witches hair bando and snakes on the bowl.

Happy Halloween!

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