Introduction: Women's White Studded Bow Hair Barrette

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To make this Hair Accessory you will need:

Miniribbon Her Story DIY Kit

- What's in the box:

DarkGrey colour Woolen Ribbon(70mm) – 28cm

Barrette Clips(9cm) – 1ea

28mm White Stud Ribbon(5 studs) – 7cm

Handmade Label(BlackBeige) – 1ea

- What else is required:


Glue gun

Double-sided tape

Craft White Wire

Step 1:

Take 28cm-long ‘DarkGrey colour Woolen Ribbon(70mm)’ and fold it in half to make a crease in the middle.

Step 2:

Paste the double-sided tape at the inner ends of the ribbon.

Step 3:

Remove the backing of double-sided tape, and stick on a ribbon 0.5mm away from the center point.(Please leave margin to make ribbon wrinkles.)

Step 4:

Secure it with a small drop of hot glue.

Step 5:

Pinch the ribbon in the center and bind it with a wire.

Step 6:

Take 7cm-long ‘White Stud Ribbon’, and wrap the ribbon and glue on the back side. (Attach to meet, not overlap)

Step 7:

Glue on the middle of the barrette, place the ribbon element on the barrette, and hold for a few seconds until the glue has dried.

Step 8:

Add a dot of glue on both ends of barrette, and stick it with making bow volume.

Step 9:

Put a handmade label on the inside of a barrette.

Step 10:

There! Completed!