Introduction: Wonder Woman Headpiece


I've always loved Wonder Woman. I watched the old television show with Lynda Carter when I was younger, and I can't wait for the upcoming movie! Out of excitement I decided to make Wonder Woman's headpiece.

This build took a few hours, but didn't cost me a dime because I already had all the material.

Step 1: Materials

  • 2mm foam
  • Super glue
  • Paper (for patterning)
  • Worbla (a small sheet is all you'll need)
  • Gesso
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sand paper (160 and 220 grit)

Step 2: Patterning

I drew a a pattern for my head piece on some paper using a ruler, so I could get straight lines.

Step 3: Foam and Gluing

I drew the pattern on the foam with a pen, then cut out the pieces out with scissors. I glued the pieces together with super glue. I used super glue instead of hot glue because I use

Step 4: Center Piece

I taped the pattern for the star to the craft foam, and cut it out with an exacto knife and glued it in place.

I wanted the piece to be slightly curved, so I glued two scrapes of foam onto the back of the centerpiece (see pic 3).

Step 5: Sandwich Time!

I had a bunch of scraps of worbla left over from my winter soldier arm, so I put them to good use! I heated two pieces up with my heat gun and sandwiched the foam between them. I trimmed off the excess pieces.

I wanted the star to be more defined, so I heated up a small scrap of worbla, and rolled it into a thin tube and stuck it on to headpiece. I rolled up a small ball and stuck it in the middle

Step 6: Painting!

To start out with I painted 5 layers of gesso over the headpiece. Gesso is the material painters use to prime a canvas, but it also works well to fill in imperfections on worbla. After I let the Gesso dry, I sanded down the excess so it would be super smooth.

I sprayed a coat of black primer on the piece, let that dry, then sprayed a layer of gold paint and finally a clear coat.

I weathered it with a wash of black and brown paint, then painted the whole piece with a translucent gold.

Finally I sealed the piece with another clear coat.

Step 7: It's Done!!

Even though I have low expectations for DC comics after Suicide Squad and Batman VS Superman, I can't wait for Wonder Women!

"And remember, in a world of mortals, you are a Wonder Woman!"

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