Introduction: Wrapped Spoon Parachute Necklace

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Hello fellow crafters! Today I'll share with you how I made this wire wrapped spoon parachute necklace. It's a great project to change the details and make it your own.

Step 1: The Parachute Necklace

For those that haven't heard this term, a parachute necklace is any necklace that has a large pendant that rests on the back of the neck.
For this instructable I'm using a cuff bracelet and my spoon handle for the neck piece, but you really can use a variety of things; Bracelets, belt buckles, or just make your own by wire wrapping the spoon handle.

Step 2: Tools and Supplies

For this necklace I used:

-large spoon
-jewelry wire (I used both 22 gauge and 10mm fine jewelry wire)
-seed beads and charms
-chain about 21 inches long

-drill bits 1/16 5/64 3/32 7/64 1/8 9/64
-pliers (both heavy duty and small jewelry pliers)

Step 3: Prep the Spoon

To get my pieces ready I started by grabbing the spoon handle about a quarter of an inch above the spoon head with my heavy duty pliers. I bent the spoon head straight down; still gripping the pliers I bent the handle straight down. Then bent the handle straight up. I continue bending the handle up and down til it snapped off. This should only take two to three bends before it breaks. I then bent the remaining part of the handle down the back of the spoon head to create a loop.

Next I took my drill bits and drilled the holes in the spoon head. I've labeled the bit sizes I used in the 7th photo. After I drilled them, I took my pliers and went around the edge of my spoon squeezing each hole to flatten any sharp edges caused by the drilling.

*Throughout this instructable the holes drilled along the edge of the spoon head are called side holes, and the three holes in the center of the spoon are referred to as center holes.

Lastly I used the 1/8 bit to drill a hole at the broken end of the spoon handle.

Step 4: Front Pendant

I started my wire wrapping by cutting my 22 gauge wire about 25 inches long.
Next, just like when lacing up new sneakers I put my wire through my first two holes from the front of the spoon having equal amounts of wire coming from each hole.

Next I bent both ends of wire down the back of the spoon and passed them through my top center hole. From the center hole I bent my wire ends up the front of the spoon head and passed them through my top side holes.

Then I bent my wire down the back of the spoon and passed them through my second center hole.

From the second center hole I passed my wire through the second side holes.

I bent my wire down again and passed them through the second center hole and up to the third side hole.

Next I pass my wire through the third center hole and up through the fourth side holes.

One last time I passed my wire through the third center hole and bent the wire ends to pass though the last side holes.

To secure the ends I grabbed the very end of the wire and wrapped the wire all the way around my pliers to make a small loop. Next I moved my pliers to just above the loop I just made and by wrapping the wire in the opposite direction as my last loop I created another loop.

Again I grabbed the wire just above my two loops and wrapped the wire around my pliers in the opposite direction as the last loop. I continued to do this until I reach the back of the spoon, then i simply pressed the loops against the back of the spoon head.

Step 5: Smaller Detail

Just like in the previous step I started my fine wrapping by cutting about 25 inches of my pink fine jewelry wire. Again like lacing shoes I took my fine wire and passed it from back to front of the bottom two side holes, leaving equal lengths coming out of each hole.

*the direction you wrap is completely up to you as long as you stay wrapping in that direction.

I started wrapping by taking the fine wire and loosely wrapping it underneath my larger gauge wire. I then brought my wire back up and around the larger gauge again. I continued to to wrap this way until both sides of fine wire met in the center.

Next I added five seed beads by passing both wires through the beads and pushing the beads down to the spoon.

From the seed beads I continued to wrap the third section of larger gauge just as I did the first section and added some seed beads as I wrapped. Once wrapped I passed the wire through the third side holes and back out the top center hole. I wrapped up the top section of the larger gauge, securing my wire by tightly wrapping around the larger gauge wire on the back of the spoon.

I then took another 25 inches of red fine wire and wrapped the remaining larger gauge just how I did for the pink wire, except I started at the top section and wrapped down; again adding seed beads along the way. Once all sections were wrapped I again secured the wire by wrapping it tightly to the larger gauge wire on the back of the spoon.

Lastly I added my charm and wrapped it with silver wire to hold it into place.

Step 6: Parachute Piece

I started my neck piece by slowly stretching my cuff bracelet until the ends were about four inches apart. *You should adjust it so it fits comfortably on the back of your neck.

Next using the 3/32 bit I drilled three holes in the cuff, on both ends and one in the middle.

For my handle wrapping I used about 25 inches of gold fine wire. I simply wrapped it several times at the bottom of the spoon handle. I continued to wrap up the handle occasionally crossing my wire and adding seed beads. Once I reached the top of the handle I wrapped the two wire ends together tightly in the back of the handle.

Next using my jewelry pliers and my 22 gauge wire I created a loop to hang my charm from. I wrapped it several times around the handle and the fine wire securing everything into place.

Lastly I trimmed off the extra wire and added my charm.

Step 7: Assemble

Lastly I took several c-rings to attach my spoon handle to the middle of the cuff.
Again using c-rings I attached one end of the chain to one side of the cuff. I ran the chain through the spoon head then using another c-ring attach the other end of the chain to the other end of the cuff.

With that I'm done.

Thanks for checking this project out, and as always, please share what you make; I'd love to see it!

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