Introduction: Wrench Xylophone

Want to make a real Garage Band? Then you'll need an instrument. Get out your wrench set, start wacking 'em, and make a xylophone.

Step 1: Parts Layout

Get out a set of wrenches. Bigger wrenches tended to be easier to work with and louder. The wood and wood screws are for making a box. The nails and string are used to suspend the wrenches inside the box.

Step 2: Assemble Box, Lay Out Wrenches

cut 2 pairs of identical lengths of 2X4's, or whatever wood you have lying around. It is helpful to have wood with at least one cross-section dimension of >3". In this picture, the wood lengths are 27" and 18". Eyeball it to how many wrenches you want to attach.

assemble the box using wood screws trough the ends of overlapping wood. If the large lengths of wood are too unwieldy, you can use small pieces of plywood on the corners to attach the larger piees of to each other.

Step 3: Nail Into Box, Suspend Wrenches

After laying out the wrenches, hammer nails into the wood, leaving some space between the wood and the head of the nail. The nails will be used to wrap and tighten string to suspend the wrenches.

Between each pair of nails is a wrench, suspended by a length of string on each side. Experiment with string tension to get the sound you want out of each wrench

Step 4: Hang Wrenches Anywhere So You Don't Have to Make a Box

you don't have to build a box to make the wrench xylophone. The box enables portability and can be spruced up for presentability, but sometimes you just want to whack wrenches. String them up and hang them from anywhere! Or even just hold onto one and you've got a "wrench triangle."