Introduction: YOLO Necklace - Tiny Garden on a Necklace

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YOLO Necklace

In this instructable I'll teach you how to make a necklace with a garden hanging on it!

Other than being beautiful, I see it as a reminder that time flies! As you water your tiny garden you start seeing tiny seedlings that begin to grow, but this doesn't last forever! This is why I called the necklace a YOLO necklace :) (You Only Live Once!)

Hope you like it!


You'll need:

1) A small glass sphere with a hole in it (you can get one here).

2) An necklace or a chain without a pendant (you can remove the pendant from an old chain if you like).

3) A piece of copper wire.

4) dirt and and seeds (I took mine from a fresh tomato! maybe you could find a tiny flower if you know one).

Step 1: Make the Copper Sphere Hanger

For the first part, just cut a short piece of copper wire copper and bend it as depicted in the pictures.

Next, insert it into the glass sphere and use a pair of pliers to make it a bit wider so it holds the sphere.

Step 2: Make Your Tiny Garden and Put It on a Chain!

Put in some dirt and seeds inside the glass sphere and thread the necklace through the copper hanger that you made in the previous step.

Add a bit of water and let in hang in a sunny place for a few days, a good idea would be to put it on you if you go out to the sun!

Make sure you drip water in and that the soil remains damp the whole time. I used a syringe to water my tiny garden. Don't put in too much water in though! it gets flooded easily! Just a few drops should do.

Step 3: Done!

Just wait and your tiny garden will grown lovely seedlings!

I would like to thank my beautiful girlfriend (Na'ama) for letting me take pictures of her <3

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