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Introduction: Yamaha Paper Motorbike

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This bike is my second project in instructables community. There i a gift to my friend,who has this kind of interests, motorsports actually.

I would like to thank you for my wife and my kids, they helped me a lot during this 2 months.

I love them!

When the garden is close, heating season projects on the way!

Picture by picture, parts by part I would like to share it.

Build yourself!

Step 1: Frame, More Tyres and Body Parts

Best part of the bike is the frame.Is very detailed and when I painted, it seems, made by aluminium, but only a paper....

Blue is color is coming from an earlier experience, when I saw his real Yamaha, this little bit older, from the 80s.

Step 2: Finalize the Project

Also a favorite part of the project the painting and final assembly when all the parts are connecting to each other.

I covered with acrylic lacquer to shine body parts.

The team on the picture, when we finish.

My son also enjoy it, but prefer a real one. During the assembly phase, we listened a farytale stories, there in his hands.

Step 3: The Owner😉

Finally,he received the bike.

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    Ashraf Minhaj
    Ashraf Minhaj

    2 years ago

    Hey, amazing work!! Why don't you share the files so that we can print and make it too.