Introduction: Simple Yarn Ghost Pom Pom

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I was making a Pom Pom a wile ago and I stumbled across this design of a ghost. I am recreating it and I am sorry some pics are upside down. It should only take a few minutes to make one. Also please vote for me in the Halloween challenge.

Step 1: Start Pom Pom

Start to wrap the yarn around your fingers about 20 times and then cut the yarn so yarn is wrapped around your fingers.

Step 2: Make the Body

Push a piece of yarn through the whole in your yarn loops. Tie the string 3-4 times and cut so you have a handle for the ghost.

Step 3: Separate Head

Get a 2-3 inch piece of yarn and tie it as tight as you can around the body. The last pic shows where on the body it should be tied.

Step 4: Trim

Cut the bottom of the ghost so it is flat.

Step 5: Eyes

Get two googly eyes and hot glue them to the ghost to make it look more friendly.

Step 6: Decorate

Tie the ghosts onto a tree or something else.

Step 7: Tie to a Drone

This step is optional. Make a ghost and tie it to a drone. I made a mini half sized ghost and tied it onto a cheep SYMA x20 drone (It is ok to make the ghosts smaller). Then take the drone off and fly around and scare people (Warning: the yarn may get stuck in the blades, so don’t do flips with the drone). If you disobey my statement, look at the pics and see what will happen if you do a flip (I am not responsible for any damage that may come to your poor little ghost or the drone).
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