Introduction: Yarn Pendant and Jewelry Holder

My sister is an Instructable addict :-) In fact it was she who convinced me to join instructable.(perhaps to vote for her haha). Any way she was now pushing me to try making instructables.. :-) ...So here it second instructable ( the idea is hers... though the work is mine :-)  )

Step 1: Yarn Yarn Yarn

My mom had loads of yarn which is useless to her as it's all is what we did with it :-)
You would need loads of scrap yarn...
White glue
Cling wrap
2 bowls in the shape you want
Jute thread
Toilet roll
Some styrofoam

Step 2: The Yarn Bowls

This is a very very messy project so please do it out side.
Cover any 2  bowls you want ( one flat and one deep would be nice) with  cling wrap...grease it with oil.
In a spray bottle dilute glue with some water, also pour some glue in a disposable bowl.
Now take what ever scrap yarn you have and pass it through the glue bowl and just drape it over the  bowl of your choice.
Sometimes you can just put a bunch of knotted yarn and spray it flat with the glue spray...
Cover well with yarn and spray liberally with glue. The thicker the layer the stronger the bowl.'s just like paper mache  only done with yarn.
Let it dry well.
Now take a toilet roll and glue and wrap with jute.
Cover the holes with Styrofoam.
Now once your bowls are dry take it off the bowls...if some scrap yarn is dangling simply brush it with glue and let dry
Trim round if you feel it's too messy.
Find the center in the flat bowl and position and glue the jute tube...then position and glue the bowl.
you are done! isn't it can use it to hang jewelry and store nick knacks.

Step 3: Yarn Pendant

Get round wooden disks.
Nail a hole for the hook, and pass a wire and form a loop for the pendant.
Wrap some yarn round the hook and glue it just wrap scraps of yarn around and glue it down.
Let it dry well.
You may leave it like that or if you like ..add some rhinestones for beauty.
Isn't it pretty?
This is great for teenagers...which is why I'm going to gift some to my niece :-)
Have fun making yarn jewelry and please post pictures!
Thanks for reading!

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