Introduction: Zelda Navi Fairy LED Necklace/Ornament

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This short instructable will show you how to make a 3d printed Nintendo Zelda Navi Fairy themed necklace using an off the shelf LED insert. Its super quick and easy and light up jewelry makes for a fun accessory for special events especially at night! You could also use this as a Christmas ornament too!


Print Settings: (Files attached)

  • Material: Translucent PLA or PETG plastic. I use this brand here.
  • No supports needed (Parts must be oriented as shown in the image)
  • 0.4mm dia nozzle max
  • 0.1mm layer thickness recommended on the sphere to get a smooth finish
  • 100% Infill, everything should be solid.
  • Expect ~3-4 hrs to print everything


  • 1x LED Light. (It is cheap and still decent quality. Its water resistant, has a twist on/off, and batteries are 'supposed to' last up to 72 hrs. To turn it on the first time you have to unscrew it and remove the paper insert that keeps the batteries from turning on in the package. They are sold for inserting into balloons or paper lanterns but they are a great starter part for jewelry! The clear rubber ring on the outside keeps water out and the friction keeps the cap from separating when you have the light turned off. It will still function without this rubber piece if you don't like it.)
  • Necklace: Obviously there are many options but the loop on the LED is pretty small so I used a 1.5mm chain.
  • OPTIONAL: If you make this as a Christmas ornament then you can just bend a paperclip into a hook!

Psssst, HEY LISTEN! In Ocarina of time, Navi was BLUE, all other fairies were PINK. Sometimes Navi turned yellow or green depending on the situation. In Majora’s Mask, Link has a yellow fairy named Tatl, who has a purple brother, Tael.


I use superglue applied with a cotton swap to attach the LED into the sphere, and a little more superglue to attach the wings. The wings fit into the little slots in the sphere. Note that the wings are mirror images with the front having the recess pattern and the back being flat. The sphere's slots are canted backwards.

If you make one post a picture and tag "I Made This"! This has been an experiment for me as I don't usually make jewelry but if you enjoyed then let me know and please take a second to vote for it in the Instructables Jewelry Challenge, Thanks!!

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