Introduction: Beer Cap Buttons

Every so often I come across a beer cap with some kinda cool art on it.  It seemed like a shame to toss these out so I set out to make buttons out of them. While soldering is possible it means you have to melt. scrape and scrub the plastic bit out of the inside of the cap first.  That seemed like more effort than it was worth, so ye olde hot glue gun came outta retirement.

Step 1: Stuff Ya Need.

To do this little trick you will need.

Bottle caps with images you like.
Safety pins, the closer to the inside diameter of the caps the better.
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks.
utility knife.

Plug in th hot glue gun.

Step 2: Pin Placement

open the safety pins and bend them open to about 90 degrees.
then orient one inside each bottle cap.  I like to make them horizontal. YMMV

Step 3: Hot and Gooey

now take that hot glue gun and squeeze a bunch into the inside of the bottle cap.   let this cool  until it is solid and doesn't like to stick to flesh. 

Step 4: Optional?

Depending on how ham handed you are with the glue, you may need to trim some of it away to allow the pin to close.   All  that's left to do now is to decide where to pin your new  bling.
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