Introduction: Carrot Fry

carrot fry is the best Indian vegeterian receipe that goes well with rice.It is rich source of vitamin A and calcium.It is prepared with very minimum ingredients.

Ingredients required:
Diced carrots
Any vegetable oil
Few mustard seeds
Few cumin seeds
1tbsp moong dal(green gram)
1 long green chilli
1 small onion sliced
sesame seeds
curry leaves
coriander powder
red chilli powder
turmeric powder
grated dry coconut

Step 1: Method of Preparation:

soak moong dal (green gram) in little water.Take a vessel and add few table spoons of oil. Add mustard seeds and allow them to crackle. Then add cumin seeds and soaked moong dal and fry for few minutes.

Step 2:

Now its time to add sliced green chillies and curry leaves. Then add sliced onions,sesame seeds ,turmeric powder and fry for few minutes.

Step 3:

Now add diced carrots and allow them to cook. close the lid for few minutes and allow carrots to cook properly. Now add coriander powder, Red chilli powder and salt.

Step 4:

Finally add grated coconut and cook for few minutes by closing the lid.Adding coconut embeds nice taste to the dish.Garnish with coconut. serve curry hot with rice.
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