Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Petal Bracelet

About: Hey guys. I am just trying to show people some cool things that they can make out of duct tape! :) btw, i am the one with blue hair.

Step 1: Pic Your Color/colors

you can choose as many colors as you want, but i think it looks better with one or two

Step 2: Cut Two Strips Slightly Longer Than Your Wrist.

cut tow strips that are long enough to go around your wrist, maybe a little longer

Step 3: Place Both Stips on Top of Eachother.

take one of the strips and stick it sticky side to sticky side on the other peice.

Step 4: Cut a 2X2 Strip of Duct Tape.

duct tape is 2in by 1.88in, so it wont be a perfect square. but do your best.

Step 5: Fold Over the Right Side to Look Like This.

take the right corner and fold it over to where it looks like an "L" in the stickyness.

Step 6: Fold the Left Peice Over the Other Folded Over Part to Make the Bottom of the Triangle a Straight Line.

make it to where the bottom part of the triangle is a straight line.

Step 7: Put the Petal Peice You Just Made in the Upper Left Hand Corner of the Strip You Made Erlier.

you need to put it to where there is enough space for two more petals to go beside it. to do this, there will be some of the petal hanging off the left side.

Step 8: Fold the Extra That Was Hanging Off the Left Around to the Back.

as shown in the first image, i am folding the exta piece of the petal around to the back or the bracelet. on the front, it should look like the second image.

Step 9: Make Two More to Finish the First Row. These Will Be Next to the First One.

Step 10: Place the Two Petals Next to the First One and Fold the Extra Part of the Petal on the Right Side to the Back Like Before.

Step 11: Start Making the Next Row. When You Do This, Line the Left Side of the Petal With the Line of the One Above It. Keep Doing That Every Time You Make a Row.

Step 12: Keep Adding Petals Until You Reach Your Desired Length.

Step 13: Attach Velcro or Hold Together With a Peice of Tape

Step 14: Now Your Finished! If You Dont Want the Bracelet to Spike, Take Some Packaging Tape and Put It Over the Bracelet.