Magnetic Key Holder - $0 Project #4

Introduction: Magnetic Key Holder - $0 Project #4

This project is using old magnetic stickers and paper clips to make totally new style magnetic key holder, card holder. And also you can make a flower holder or some other thing's holder to decorate your refrigerator.

It really very easy but very helpful. Here I only share my ideas. I believe you can make them more beautiful than me since I really has no sensitive in decorate something. Hope you can post your creation in the comment to share.

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Step 1: What Do We Need

Magnetic stickers (Any old magnetic stickers. Sometimes you receive advertising magnetic stickers, they are the best materials for this project)

Paper clips




Step 2: Bend the Paper Clip

Bend paper clips as what you need. You can bend a hook for keys and also you can bend a holder for flowers.

Step 3: Fix Paper Clip on the Magnetic Sticker

Tape paper clip on the magnetic sticker.

Step 4: Try Them

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