17 Simple Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Introduction: 17 Simple Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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With the urge to start spring-cleaning on the way, this month we're celebrating all the genius ideas that the Sugru community has had for making the most of our spaces.

The kitchen is a great place to start — clearing yourself some extra space and having everything you need to hand really helps keep the busiest room in the house running smoothly.

Here are some of our favourite ideas that show how small changes can make a big difference :D

(let us know your own ideas in the comments)

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Step 1: Make Storage Towers for the Kitchen

Sugru is great if you need to bond two different materials together — here we used Sugru to attach metal lids to the bottom of glass jars to create stackable herbs and spices storage towers

Once you've got the jars you want to use, you can get this done in under 30mins. It will help to keep you kitchen worktop clear, and you'll never have to deal with a jumble of little jars in the back of the cupboard again!

(We were thinking this idea could also be handy for crafting kits or jewellery too.)

Here's a more detailed step-by-step guide.

Step 2: Make Tidying Fun With Sugru + Magnets

There are two sides to everything. Shelves are no exception. Here we attached magnets to the underside of a shelf with Sugru for a great way to clear some space in the kitchen.

Step 3: Make Every Utensil Magnetic!

This idea means it's simple to make all your utensils magnetic, yes even the wooden ones! All you need is a handful of little washers and some Sugru. One single use pack of Sugru is enough to adapt four of your utensils.

Check out our how to Vine to see how easy it is to do.

Step 4: Mount Fittings to Ceramic Tiles, Without a Drill

David's kitchen is tiny and only has one drawer (yes one drawer!) So he bought a magnetic knife rack to save a bit of space. But his landlord didn't want him drilling into the tiles, so he used two packs of Sugru to mount it to the tiles. Now he can just remove it when he moves out.

Dave (different guy!) had a similar idea — using some coat hooks he got at IKEA, he hung up his pots and pans to clear some space in the cupboards. (more on cupboards later)

Step 5: Keep Your Phone Handy

We use our phones for all sorts of things now and like to have them with us — but in the kitchen you don't really want to put it down where you're preparing food.

This project using an old phone case will only take you 10 minutes and can be handy all over the house, but it's super useful in the kitchen. Keep your phone where you want it and follow that recipe you found online or keep your timer somewhere handy.

Here's a full guide

Step 6: Create Sugru Hooks Anywhere You Want Them

Sugru hooks are super useful and you can create them just where you need them, all over the house.

Here's a step-by-step guide.

Step 7: Extra Plugs Right Where You Need Them

The plugs in David's kitchen are in an awkward place, so he used Sugru to mount an extension plug up on the tiles. Now they are right where he needs them, and safely out of the way of the worktop.

Step 8: Keep Your Cutlery Drainer Out of the Way

Using his Sugru + magnet kit, David created a magnetic mount for his cutlery drainer, leaving more space for the washing up!

Step 9: Adapt the Height of Shelves in Your Fridge

Delphine's trusty fridge is great for her family, except for the bottom shelf that is, it's just a tiny bit too low — It's been bugging her for years!

Fridges usually only have a few height options for shelves (actually why is that?!), so rather than putting up with it as it, Delphine used her Sugru to adapt it herself. Turning the top shelf upside down, she added some Sugru feet to lift it up a fraction. Now it's perfect! So good.

Step 10: Add Some Extra Shelving in Your Fridge

David had just bought a new and bigger fridge which is all very well, but after using it for a few days, he realised it didn't have enough shelves.

Instead of hunting online to buy a new shelf, he decided to adapt one of the shelves from his old fridge that was still waiting to be recycled! He added little black Sugru tabs to help it fit snugly in it's new home — utter genius!

Step 11: Store All Your Knives Away in a Kitchen Drawer

Having a good knife can turn a chore into a pleasure, it's not called the most important tool in the kitchen for nothing. Victoria maxed her drawer space by adding Sugru rests for all her knives!

It's just so satisfying to look at :)

Step 12: Make Cutlery Drawers Non-slip

Some little annoyances we just end up learning to ignore, like our cutlery drawer sliding around and making a right noise! Sugru cures into a grippy rubber, so you can attach little pads to your cutlery organiser like Brady did. Small change, big difference.

Step 13: Stop Drawers From Slamming Shut

If your kitchen drawers don't have those fancy slow-close mechanisms, then this clever little idea from Roger will help make life a little more peaceful in the kitchen...

Remember: make sure you leave something to stop the drawer closing overnight while the Sugru cures, or you'll stick them shut!

22 other ways Sugru can help make life more peaceful

Step 14: Make Heavy Drawers More Comfortable to Use

Pat loves to cook, so her fridge drawers are always stocked up with vegetables! Problem is the plastic handles on the fridge drawers are really sharp and make it painful to pick up and lift out. Then she spotted the Sugru moment and added green Sugru grips to make things more comfortable.

Step 15: Repair Broken Parts of Your Drawer

A common problem with drawers (especially the one you dump all the random stuff in) is that the bottoms end up warping over time. Nothing a little bit of Sugru can't help with. If you're afraid your drawer might break, or you think you need to buy a new one, try copying Emma's idea and use Sugru in the corners.

You don't need much Sugru for this idea, you can fix or strengthen a few drawers with one single use pack of Sugru.

Step 16: Finally a Solution for Storing Pot Lids!

It's a job most of us put off, but tidy cupboards are such a pleasure to use. And now finally there is a solution using handy Sugru hooks!

This is a great weekend project — we've made an 'ible for this one

Step 17: Mount Your Tablet Where You Like!

Sugru is perfect for this project — it bonds to most materials, including ceramics, wood, and metal so you don't need any nails or screws to mount your tablet. Just put it where you want! Here's a full step-by-step guide so you can create your own.

Thanks to Instructables own 'pbron rtc' for making an 'ible for his Sugru kitchen tablet mount.

Head over to our Do the most with your space section for loads more Sugru projects to organise the spaces around you at home.

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