About Injustice

Injustice is a game released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 video game systems. It is a brawler game like Mortal Kombat and has DC characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Joker. It is probably one of the best brawler games with its amazing controls and the ability to use your outside surroundings is a great ability to have in a brawler game. The game also has a real campaign with cutscenes, but no interactive 3D world. It is a real story mode and includes every character in it (not including DLC). The story is that a few of the characters from the real world teleported into a Regime world where everything is opposite. Superman is the cruel ruler of the world, Hal Jordan is a yellow lantern, The Joker was a good guy and died, and much more. The heroes are now trying to get back to their world, while Joker is planning another scheme and Superman is trying to catch these "duplicates".

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Step 1: Modes

Injustice has many different modes. It has single player (campaign), multiplayer (local versing and online battles), Training, and a new mode called S.T.A.R. Labs. S.T.A.R. Labs is a new mode where there are missions you have to do with specific characters that are not always fighting. One of the S.T.A.R. Labs mission is for Superman to protect a citizen from thugs with only heat vision and many other things.

Step 2: Characters

This is a list of all the characters in the Injustice game:
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Aqua Man
Green Arrow
Hawk Girl
Black Adam
Harley Quinn
Killer Frost
Lex Luthor
Solomon Grundy
The Joker
Lobo (DLC)
Scorpion (DLC)
Batgirl (DLC) 
Note: DLC characters must be bought with real money.

Step 3: Stages

Injustice has 15 stages, all places from the DC Universe. Each stage also has a different area in it. Say you go to the Batcave, you are able to choose if you want to go to the Crime Lab or the Lagoon. Or in Metropolis where you can go to the Rooftop, Museum, or Street. The stages are:
Wayne Manor
Wayne Manor (Night)
Gotham City
Fortress of Solitude
Joker's Asylum
Archam Asylum
Ferris Aircraft
Hall of Justice
Stryker's Island

Step 4: Conclusion

I hope you liked this instructable and helped you make a better judgment on whether you would want to buy the game or not. I have boughten this game and it is extremely fun! I would recommend buying this game and it is worth the $60. I bought a used one at GameStop and since I'm a pro member i got it for $50 and it still works fine. Injustice is a really good brawler game and I would really recommend buying it.



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