Adaptor Cable Mount Sugru Hack

Introduction: Adaptor Cable Mount Sugru Hack

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A quick Sugru hack to prevent tangled wires and protect the condition of your computer adaptor cables Materials: -One pack of Sugru -Round pencil -Computer Adaptor -Metal ruler or small screwdriver to help mold and cut the Sugru

Step 1: Clean

Thoroughly clean up the surface of the adaptor you wish to use. Use a damp cloth or tissue and dry off.

Step 2: Get Your Sugru

Apply a coin shaped piece of Sugru to the center of the edge of the adaptor.

Step 3: Shape

Using the thumbs and index fingers from both hands, begin to press in the Sugru to form a pyramid-like shape.

Step 4: Make Sure the Cable Fits

Using the thickest of the adaptor cable, begin pressing down cable into the Sugru.

Further mold the shape. Keep the cable centered with one side (outer) of the Sugru forming a tidal-wave shape over the cable and the other side (inner) flat with a slight upwards dent.

Step 5: Cut Off Any Excess

Using a small screw driver, reinforce the cable holder by gently pressing inwards excess Sugru so that all sides are relatively even. Cut off any excess Sugru from the sides using a metal ruler. Reshape if needed using your index finger. Carefully.

Step 6: Do You See the Letter C?

The final shape should look like the letter “C”, except with a flat bottom.

Step 7: Make As Many As You Need

Repeat steps 1-9 on any other adaptors you may have around the house with whatever Sugru you have left.

Step 8: Allow the Sugru to Dry

Gently slide in the round pencil into the cable mount and allow the Sugru to dry for 12 hours at room temperature.

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