Awesome LEGO Chevy K-10

Introduction: Awesome LEGO Chevy K-10

Hi everyone, I made a third generation Chevy K-10 from the late 1980's out of LEGO. The truck features an opening hood, nitrous injected four cylinder engine, smoke stacks, and detailed interior. Feel free to leave a comment, just keep in mind that I spent hours working on the truck and this instructable. Hopefully, I'll get a part count up soon.

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Step 1: Part Count

Step 2: Engine

Step 3: Cabin

Step 4: Connecting

Step 5: Dashboard and Hood

Step 6: Connecting

Step 7: Front Bumper

Step 8: Connecting

Step 9: Bumper Part 2

Step 10: Truck Bed

Step 11: Connecting

Step 12: Smoke Stacks

Step 13: Roof

Step 14: Enjoy Your Work and Feel Free to Leave a Comment

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    That turned out really great! Good job on figuring out how to build it and explaining it us. Thanks for sharing!