Bearingless MagLev Fidget Spinner

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One of the things i hate most about fidget spinners is how noisy they can be. Especially when you spin them on a table top or other hard surface. I've also can't find a perfectly smooth spinner, no matter what kind of bearing it has. The problem comes down to friction. Doesn't matter if you have steel bearings, hybrid ceramic bearings or full ceramic bearing. There will always be friction between the bearings, the races, and the cages if they have one. So what is the solution? Create a MagLev Fidget Spinner!

Step 1: Basic Design

This Fidget Spinner consists of your basic 3 wing spinner designed to hold 608 bearings in each wing. The unique thing about this spinner is it's magnetically suspended between it's buttons. The center doesn't hold a 608 or other standard bearing. There is a 1mm thick shelf where the center bearing would be to allow a pair of 19mm x 3mm ring neodymium magnets ( to be glued into the middle. Glue may not be required as the magnets should hold themselves in place. The most important part of this spinner is the buttons. The center of the buttons will need to be tapped to fit a #6-32 brass threaded rod. The buttons are designed to have 6x 6mm x 1mm diameter neodymium magnets ( embedded into the under side. One button has the magnets all facing North and the other has the magnets all facing South. Each placed on the side of the spinner with the common poles of the ring magnets and the button magnets facing each other.

Step 2: How It Works

Since magnets tend to want to fly off to one side or another when common poles are facing one another. I had to place the magnets in the buttons at a 28 degree angle. This causes the button magnets to be pushed away from the spinner body and in towards the center of the button. The threaded rod holding the buttons together prevents them from flying off and the angle prevents the buttons from going cockeyed in the spinner.

Attached are 2 .STL files. The first is the full MagLev Fidget Spinner ready to print. The second is a Bearing Replacement ready to replace a 608 bearings. The collar is 22mm wide and will fit where the 608 bearing goes. Set in the 19mm x 3mm ring magnets and put the buttons together and your good to go.



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    1 year ago

    I love this design, but I wasn't able to get the middle assembly to stay centered. No matter how I positioned it, the button kept jumping to the side. I'll have to tinker with it some more. Thanks for the Instructable!

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    In the process of building my Original Prusa i3 MK2S. So i'll be printing this vary soon and tweaking the design. Increasing the degree at which the button magnets sit may help. I fear that imperfections in the magnets that would cause variation in the magnetic field may prevent things from balancing out. My hope was getting the buttons to within 1mm or so of the center magnets would help prevent inconsistencies from being a problem. I kind of figured i'd have to double up the magnets on the buttons. Stacking 2x 6mmx1mm margnets on top of eachother to increase the magnetic field.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes, increasing the degree of the button magnets may help, so the button can sit a little further between the ring magnets. I love the idea of the magnetic bearing. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I!