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Introduction: Beer Flight

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This is how I made a Wood Beer Flight that holds four beers. This is great four sampling four different types of beers one in each slot. Also it its great to carry four beer on it or display four beers on it. What we do with ours is put four different beers in glasses and have a mystery beer tasting. Make it one threw four and have your friends guess which beer is which slot. This was made out of wood sanded and stained. Make a couple when making it so you can have a couple. Or you can add more slots in the flight. Whatever works for you.

pint glasses

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies



sand paper


hole saw cutter

tape measure

paper to make template


beer glasses, cans or bottles

Step 2: Make Template

To make is I first made a template on a piece of paper. The holes are gonna be cut at 2.5 inch circles. Since I'm cutting four thats 10 inches total. I have a half inch on each end and on the sides. so 2.5 plus .5 plus .5 equals 3.5 width total. Then for the length the 10 inches + .5 +.5. the space on the edges. Then leave a half inch in between the holes. This would 1.5. You can leave more space in between if you want. Make sure to mark the center of the holes on the paper to be transfered onto the wood. Cut out your template so you can easily lay it on the wood to be copied onto.

Step 3: Cut, Stain, Sand

After you have a template made it is pretty easy to make the flight. Lay the template on a piece of wood. Mine was about a half inch thick. Lay it down and trace to outline of the flight. Then if you marked the holes take something and poke threw the center of the holes for where to drill and cut out. Placing a straight edge over your paper templates helps draw a straight line.use pencil. Take out your saw and cut out the frame of the flight out of the wood. I used a jig saw. Then you will need to cut out the holes for the glasses. I used a 2.5 inch hole saw cutter that is a bit I put in my drill. I had the four center of the holes marked so I simply drilled all the way threw the wood making the four holes for the beer glasses. After you have the holes cut, sand down the edges off the holes. Also sand the edges of the flight at this time. Don't forget the sand the top and bottom also. Clean off all the dust and start staining. Make sure when staining have it where there is the least contact with flight as possible. another tip is to move it a bunch and keep brushing the stain so that it dries evenly and nice. Make sure to get the stain on all sides top, bottom and in the edges of the holes that where cut. Let dry and serve up your flight of beers. Drink responsibly and only if off age.

Step 4: Final

This holds pin glasses great. You can stain what ever color you want. Could wood burn the flight. Could make it longer. Could make it for small glasses or bigger glasses.

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