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Introduction: Bottle Lamp 2

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It is Christmas time, time to decorate home... In this instructable I will share how i recycled old Whisky bottle and transformed it into a simple bottle lamp

It you have the right tools, the build is simple enough to be completed in 4 to 6 hrs of lazy efforts

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • an nice shaped Whisky bottle
  • 3/4" plywood plank ( we need 2 squares 3" x 3" )
  • LED copper string lights (5 mtrs)


  • Drilling machine
  • 6 mm drill bit for wood
  • Hole saw 35mm and 62mm
  • G clamps
  • PVA glue / fevicol
  • Wood polish

Step 2: Base

  • The whisky bottle came with a cap. I wanted to sandwich this in between two wooden pieces
  • Before we cut the wood, we must make the holes, this is more safe and easier
  • I am using "Stanleys hole saw", I first drilled few mm with the 62 mm and then through hole with 35mm diameter
  • Make sure the cap fits, mine was bit bigger, so I cut it using the 62mm hole saw
  • Now cut this piece into a 3" x 3" square and another of same size but without any hole
  • Sandwich the cap between two squares and glue it
  • Hold the wooden pieces in position using clamps for 2 hours

Step 3: Finishing Base


  • Since wooden pieces were cut using a jigsaw, the edges are not aligned
  • I used a 60 grit sand paper and got all the edges aligned
  • Then used 180 and 220 grit to smoothen it further
  • I used natural wood polish to coat the base

Step 4: Bottle

  • The bottle did not have wide enough hole for the led string to enter, so used a soldering iron to make a wider hole
  • I did not want to remove the plastic as the cap would not fit and the neck wold become too small
  • At every stage, I tested that the bottle still can fit the cap

Step 5: Wiring

  • I drilled a 6mm hole from on of the edge till the cap
  • I had a 10 mtrs les string light, which had required register to limit current, so I just cut the led string light at 5mtrs length and save rest for another project in future
  • Do test LED string is still working
  • Pass the led string holes the base and the cap
  • Randomly fill in the bottle with the led string light

Light it up !!

I hope you liked the instruable and share your comments

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