Helloween Decoration - Pumpkin (orange) Head

Introduction: Helloween Decoration - Pumpkin (orange) Head


In this instructable I'll show you how to make "Orange head"...

Thet's like pumpkin head, but with orange.. :D

It's easy and fun to make..

I hope you like it. :D

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Some oranges
  • Candle
  • Small plate
  • Matches


  • Saucer
  • Knife
  • Teaspoon

*Note: Use ogranges with hard crust.

Step 2: Cut the Orange

Take one orange and cut it, one half bigger than other.
Small/top half will be cap, and large/bottom half will be the face.

*Note: Do not make top half too small. It must be large enough to put your candle thru, but not too large. Cut it at the angle because you must put it back on.

Step 3: Remove the Middle Part

Take the bottom half of orange, and the teaspoon and slowly remove the middle part of orange...
Try to make it flat on the bottom, so candle can stand straight.

Do the same to the top half.

Scraps/white parts throw away, but orange you can eat. :D

Step 4: Carving

Make a small hole, with a knife on a top half for heat and gases to go thru.

Now take bottom half and carve a face.

Try to be as creative as you can. :D


Step 5: Candle in and Light It Up

Put your candle in the bottom half of orange.

Light up the candle, and put the top half on bottom half.

Now put your "Orange head" on small plate and you are done.

Step 6: THE END

I hope you like it and enjoy making one of your own.

I would like to see your "Orange heads". :D

Please comment if have some compliments or criticism.

THANKS for watching. :D

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    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks :)

    pablo de paris
    pablo de paris

    5 years ago

    nice! they look like my pumpkin!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks :D
    I like your pumpkin btw :)