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Hey! Here's a ball lift I made.

I would've called it the 'rolling arm lift', but someone beat me to that name.

Hope this instructable helps!


Step 1: The Enterance Track

Here is the enterance track.

If you think you can make this without instructions, skip to step 9.
Or, continue to this set, steps 3-8.

Step 2: Base of Enterance Track

As you can see, it's a square four green connectors on it. On one side there's also Y-clips.

Step 3: Enterance of Enterance Track

Of course, you can change size of the white rod on one side.

Step 4: The Side Supports of the Enterance Track

Yeah... this.

Step 5: Exit of Enterance Track Part 1

Here's the start of the end of the start of the lift??

Step 6: Exit of Enterance Track Part 2

Just add two red connectors attached to a white rods and clip them onto the edge of a blue rod.

Step 7: Exit of Enterance Track Part 3

Remeber to make it double!

Step 8: Adding the Exit Track of the Enterance Track

Now put it together!

Step 9: Spacing the Entrance Track

This should be the easiest part, just follow the pictures.

Step 10: Adding the Spacer

Just two connections!

Step 11: The Motor Area

If you think you don't need instructions for this, skip to step 21.

Step 12: Base of the Motor Area

Yes, that does include the rods going up.

Step 13: Just Above That...

Make this and put it...

Step 14: ... Put in This!

... Over here!

Step 15: The Axle

Make this according to the picture.
NOTE: The Y-clips are on the gear side of the orange connector.

Step 16: The Axle Goes...

Now put the axle...

Step 17: ... Here!

... Here!

Step 18: The Motor Axle

The extra yellow connector and green rod are for support (I forgot to show the support, but it should be easy enough to work out).

Step 19: Adding the Motor Axle

Slide the axle on. Make sure it clips onto the yellow connector, the motor slides in, and the gears mesh.
The last pictue shows an extra support, it isn't really needed.

Step 20: The Motor Switch and Supports

When adding the left support (left in the first picture), remember to add the motor.

Step 21: Adding the Motor Area to the Spacer

Four connections, you probably don't even need the pictures.

Step 22: The Arm Part 1

This is what you've been waiting for!

Don't forget the crankshaft.

Step 23: The Arm Part 2

This is the counterweight side.

Step 24: Putting the Arm Together

Just make sure that the rod is facing down.

Step 25: The Top

This will support the arm. (Those blue connectors could be purple, as long as they're facing inwards)

Step 26: Putting the Top on the Arm

Slide it on and click!

Step 27: And Putting That on the Rest of the Lift

Make sure you attach the crankshaft.

Step 28: The Back

This part is optional, it's just to hold the exit track.

Step 29: Adding the Back

Again, you probably don't need pictures.

Step 30: That Extra Thing for Step 18

This is that thing I mentioned in step 18 to support the motor.

Step 31: Finished!

Now you're done! You can decorate it with the rest of the ball machine it's part of like the second picture.



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