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I really love the multiple colors on rag-rugs, and I also need blinds that are both wide, and short. The application is for the rear-right sliding window of my truck camper, but you can actually make this out of any fabric (and Length) you want.

Everything was eye-balled for measurements; and I'm sure you know how to use a drill and a saw and other typical house tools, so instead i'll just describe the pictures. It's a pretty intuitive process:)

Step 1: Blinds...

As you can see, these are made of:

-A piece of wood running the L of the rug.
-zip tied onto the rug.

Easy, right?

Do the same for the top of the blinds.

Step 2: Twine...

Make a tie like this with twine. The L of the twine should be longer than the width of your rug (which is actually the L of your blinds).

Zip tie the loop with any of the zip ties holding onto the wooden piece.

Make two twines for each side/end of the blinds.

Step 3: Rods...

The top piece of wood is the actual rod, and the blinds are held up by random screws and washers that I found; they hold up an "L" shaped bracket.

Step 4: The Block...

Behind the silver screws is a scrap block of wood. There are two; one on each end of the blinds.

The rod is connected to the holders via a screw that taps into the block.

Step 5: Using:

Roll up the blinds and tie the cords to adjust the blind height.

Step 6: Down...

In the down position, the front cord holds the blind in place. There's an eyelet (cable clamps) held in place by the screws on the bottom perimeter of my window. The bottom end of both cords go into the eyelets. The reason for this is so the blinds hang closer to the window, making the camper feel more spacious.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very useful. Thanks for sharing. Can we have a youtube video of the same please.