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Smelly boxes? Musty wardrobe? Pongy corners?

To be a tidy crafter doesn't always work, but at least I'm trying! My trusty cardboard (shoe) boxes and wardrobe nooks help a lot with trying to be organized, though they can get a little musty.

It's all very well constantly buying new scented sachets, but they stop smelling nice much too fast. And reading the warning labels on them I don't even want to know what's in them - aside from the money they eat up!

Sewing herbal lavender sachets is also nice, but they take a while to make.

I want everything to smell nice, and I want it NOW, so I came up with this cost-effective and very quick idea.

Make your boxes and wardrobes smelling fresh in no time - and for a long time!

This is what you need:

Plain envelopes

clear sticky tape

hole punch

washing powder

Step 1: This Is How It Works

Buy some cheap washing powder and fill the envelopes (1 scoop each).

Spilling some powder is inevitable, don't even try not to - it only makes it worse!

Step 2: Almost Done

Use sticky tape to secure the somewhat open upper corners and you're done.

Now you can put these scented sachets anywhere to get rid of musty smells. For example into your smelly shoe boxes...

Step 3: Hang'em Up

If you want to hang them up, punch a hole in one corner. The sticky tape will prevent the envelope from ripping.

If the hanger is too thick pull a piece of string through the hole. Now you can have fresh smell (i.e. washing powder smell) almost anywhere you want it.

Here's where I have tossed some of these smelly envelopes:

behind books in a densely packed bookshelf

in my dresser drawers

in containers in the garage holding tent gear and awnings

in the caravan in the overhead lockers

under the bed in the spare room....



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