DIY Tutorial-How to Make a Resin Earrings With Tassel!

Introduction: DIY Tutorial-How to Make a Resin Earrings With Tassel!

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This DIY Tutorial, including how to make the resin earrings, how to make the handmade tassel for jewelry making supplies, hope you will like it!

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Products covered by the video:

Resin Mold:

Dry Flower:

Brass Findings:


Step 1: Put the Dry Flower on the Resin Mold

Step 2: To Prepare a Resin Glue

Step 3: The Resin Glue Poured Into a Mold, Stand for 12 Hours Until Dry

Step 4: Resin Stripping

Step 5: Make a Tassel (see Video)

Step 6: Combine Dried Flowers With Tassels

Step 7: Drilling and Fitted Eyehook, Earring Hook

Step 8: Complete!

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    3 years ago

    Those are really neat, my nephew wants to make some resin gauges with spiders in them. :)