Choose a type of leather that is not highly stretchable and has not less than 3mm thickness.

Depending on wherefore you want to use the shelf please pay attention that this kind of shelf is not suitable for very heavy and solid objects. In my experience I would not put more than 15kg on the shelf board. Note: Do not try to build any library shelves that way.

Step 1: Tools

The following tools you will surely find at your home.

- cutting ruler

- cutter blade

- folding ruler

- needle for marking

- hammer

- hole puncher

- cordless screwdriver or screwdriver

Step 2: Cutting

Now you are ready to start. First cut out the strips from leather with a correct size. According to the

length of your strips you need to decide how wide the strips will be. I made my strips 95cm long and

4cm wide. That should be an optimal dimension, if you going to use a shelf board of 20cm wideness.

Step 3: Punching

Mark with the help of a needle points at the positions where you going to pierce the holes as next

step. On the drawing you are able to comprehend exactly where and which distance you can set the


Step 4: Making Crease

As next step put the tails of each strip one above the other such a way that the punched holes are all

exactly located on top of each other and the shorter tail lies on the top. Finally hit gently with the

hammer onto the edge to get a straight crease in the leather.

Step 5: Montage

For montage the leather loops on the wall I have used stainless steel screws and rosettes with a

diameter of 23cm. Stainless steel is not cheap but it looks more high-grade. In the last step mount

the strips on the wall and check whether they are actually fixed. Afterwards just put the wooden

board you have chosen into the loops. It’s ready!

Tip: If you keep thinking creatively you could use the leather loops not only as a shelf but as well as a

holder for various subjects like a skateboard for example. The loops are great for towels or go well as

a hanger for your clothes and so on.

Be creative! I would be pleasured if you would share some photos of your work with me.



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2 years ago

Very good idea. Thanks for sharing.


3 years ago

Wonderful idea!


3 years ago

you are very creative ...................


3 years ago on Introduction

Putting up shelves is a lot harder than folk think.

Firstly, what type of wall is it? Studwork or or solid?

Solid wall (masonry) needs the right size hole carefully drilling, choose a plug to snuggly fit the hole. Drill the hole (usual safety thing - check for cables and pipes) slightly longer to allow the screw to pass through the plug. For this sort of application, I would use 50-mm minimum length, 4.5-mm diameter screw For difficult (crumbly) masonry, use chemical fixings.

For studwork, locate the studs (I use a super magnet to locate the nails - see other Indestructables). Use the studs if possible. If not, use an Interset type fixing (as an experienced shelf putter-upper, these are the only ones I use now). For very heavy loads, strengthen the plasterboard (that's another issue). Again, locate or prepare to encounter cables etc.

All shelving puts two forces on the wall - there is a downward vector, and the pull out vector.

Getting it level is the next challenge. For this application, I would get one end fixed, spirit level on the shelf, them mark the other drilling point.

If you put up a lot of shelves, kitchen units etc. as I do, you can't beat a self-levelling lasar that puts up verticle and horizontal lines.

Upping the stakes a bit, why not have a shelf bed? Or a shelf seat? A few challenges there.

Nicely crafted Mr Author.

Bamness! That is so cool. I think I will try this in my craft room where I have lots of lightweight supplies that I use regularly. Thank you!


3 years ago on Introduction

So simple. Love it. I wanted a movable shelf on my fishing cart and I knew as soon as I saw this, that this is what I need. I hope to one day put that cart on instructables. I also have plans for the kitchen, bedroom, bath.

Great idea,

You could use leather belt(s) as a hack. If you use toggle anchors it could probably hold a decent amount of weight.


3 years ago on Introduction

Great idea for the kitchen to have a spices-shelf close by.


3 years ago on Step 5

An elegant solution to shelf hanging and storage. I would suggest that a tack in the support and the bottom o the board would remove the concern of uneven weight possibly upsetting the shelving, especially if wider boards are used.


3 years ago on Step 5

This is fabulous!

Thank you.



3 years ago on Introduction

Exellent, creative, and supremely eyepleasing! Sandwiching leather straps with metal strapping and strengthening anchors into wall could add more tensile strenth to carry a little heavier loads. This project as shown is one I will DEFINTELY try. You are brilliant!


3 years ago

can I use this for my cat. how many pounds of weight can the shelf hold

1 reply

3 years ago

Excelente idea, la pondré en práctica en los próximos dias...... Gracias