First K'nex Gun(with Hopper)




Introduction: First K'nex Gun(with Hopper)

About: K'nex guns, TF2, and Valve games are what I like to build/play.

This is my first k'nex gun, and as the title says, it also has a magazine on top.
I used 4 rubber bands, but you can add as many as you want.
15-round Magazine
True trigger :D
Pretty Sturdy
almost never jams

handle's not super-duper
loading can be annoying sometimes

For my next instructable, I think I'll try to tackle this:
...except it will shoot, but it probably won't have any type of actual rapid fire :

Step 1: Handle

Easy, just follow the pictures.
I don't even think you'll need notes for this part, let alone the entire gun.

Step 2: Trigger

First pic:
Three pieces you will make, one step at a time.

Rest of pictures:
How to make piece at the bottom of clump of 3 pieces, the trigger

Step 3: Front of Barrel

Step 4: Back of Gun

Step 5: Magazine

Step 6: Misc Pieces

Ram Rod and ammo pusher

Step 7: Piecing It Together...

Step 8: ...And You're Done!

I hope ya enjoyed it. :)



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    I made it but the trigger keeps missing up on me if u can help me email me at plzz

    I helps to keep the ammo pusher thingy in place if you cram a lot of ammo into the magazine :)

    Well, I'm glad you didn't posted a noob tube as your first knex gun. 3.0, above average.

    if a magazine is on top of a gun it is called a hopper, if its on the bottom its a magazine. :)

    Excuse me, if the bullet falls in by gravity it is called a hopper. If it has a pusher, it's a magazine.

    I hope you're not claiming that this is the first k'nex gun with a mag on top. But, I think you meant that it is your first gun, and it also has a mag on top. Well done anyway! (Also, click the reply button in the bottom right of the comment box to reply to someone, they can't see it in their received comments box.

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    Yes I did mean that it is my first gun, and it also has a mag on top. :)
    I'll have to change that, ty.