Fix Chauvet EZgobo Projector

Introduction: Fix Chauvet EZgobo Projector

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So we have a bunch of these nifty little gobo projectors in the shop. They have a battery that will let them shine for hours, and you load your own gobo to project whatever you want. The problem is that the steel yoke knob on them is tightened into threads tapped into the side of the aluminum casing. So all it takes is one person overtightening the knob and shearing off the threads in the aluminum casing. Then you get a case of droopy projector that only wants to point down.

Step 1: Take the Projector Apart and Drill Out the Hole.

If you can't get the projector apart without breaking things, this instructable is not for you.

When taking it apart, you will have cut some wire ties and unplug the battery wires to separate the two parts. Then remove the lock nut on the inside of the knob and remove the knob and yoke. Don't lose the little plastic washer!

Now obtain one of these nifty thread insert repair kits. Select the M6 size (Or whatever matches the knob that is in the thing) Figure out what size hole you need to drill and make the existing hole the correct size. Warning, drilling will generate lots of little flakes of aluminum. Make absolutely sure they are removed from the inside of the case, otherwise bad things will happen when the battery and power are all hooked back up again. Expensive bad things.

Step 2: Insert the Screw Threads.

Use the tool as designed to install the threaded insert. RTFM

Step 3: Reassemble and Test.

Put everything back together the way it came apart.

Don't forget the little plastic washer.

Dont forget to plug both connectors back together.

Don't overtighten the screws holding the body together, if you strip those holes, you pretty much just killed it.

The lock nut you removed from the inside is no longer needed. Put it in your big box of random nuts and screws. When the box is full, set the new person in the shop to sorting them.

Look, your projector isn't drooping anymore.

This can be applied to all sorts of other things with this problem

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