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The mini flash light safe if great. This project is cheap to make. I had a mini flash light that the spring broke inside and stopped working so I used that one. These flash light are pretty cheap otherwise to get. This mini flash light safe can hold a good amount of stuff. This can hold coins, cash, geocaches, arrow heads, pocket fishing stuff, It's also great for a container if you don't want to use it as a safe. This is great to store in your room, garage, car, bags, purses, drawer,etc.. This project doesn't require many either which is nice. Some of these flash lights have strings on them which is nice for hanging.

get a flash light here

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

mini flash light

stuff to hide or put in it

needle nose plyers

Step 2: Making

Making the mini flash light safe is pretty easy. Not all of these mini flash lights are the same but there pretty similar. The one I used had LED lights in the cap. It was powered by three AAA batteries that were in a case. The bottom side of flash light will unscrew giving you access to the inside of the flash light. Take out the compartment that holds the batteries. You wont need this anymore for this project. Also there is springs that hold in the battery pack, I removed these also to make more room. The led top also unscrews so when using as a container you can access it from both sides. This fits money rolled up nicely. I added a lanyard sting thing to make it look more real and can hang it from stuff then.



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    2 years ago

    In a 2 cell flashlight you could, use a one cell bulb (1.5 volt). Then stick a metal bolt or rod down the center of your money roll to complete the connection, then It would still light the bulb.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    What a splended idea! It would be cool if someone could add button cell batteries so that the light would still work.