Folding Bag



When we travel to a place, we used to collect mementos of that very place, And it results extra luggage and we face the problem of shortage of bags . To solve that problem I have tried to make a folding bag, which can be carried easily apart from our bags or suitcase.

Step 1: Materials :

Fabrics : printed and white : 1/2 mt,

lace : 11/2" width and 1/2" width, both 1/2 mt length, white machine thread, thread cutter, sewing seam ripper, pair of scissors, two zippers - 16" and 9". sewing machine.

Step 2: Measurement :

First, I cut both white and printed fabric into 16" x 14" two rectangular pieces. from white pieces I cut two rectangular strips of size 21/2" x 14." and another two pieces of 21/2" x 12" from the fabric left. From renaming printed fabric I cut 21/2" x 12" four rectangular strips.These measurements for the bag. And for pouch I cut 10" x 16" rectangular strips.

Step 3: Sewing:

I started sewing to stitch both sides of the long zip with two 21/2" x 12" printed fabric strips.Then the back sides of zip also stitch with two 21/2" x 12" white fabric strips. Now stitched two white rectangular strips of size 21/2" x 14." with stitched zip on the top and remaining white fabric on the back sides of the zip.

For Handel s : two pieces of 21/2" x 12" white and printed fabrics are stitched together and stitched lace on the front sides of the handels.

these handles are fixed with the printed fabric of 16" x 14" size.

now white and printed fabric of four pieces are attached to give the basic shape of the bag.

for POUCH : 10" x 16" rectangular strips of printed fabric taken . A 8" line drawn 3" below the smaller side of the rectangle. Here 9" zip was fixed as shown in the images. then 1/2"' lace stitched both the sides of the zip. now it folded and stitched in the measurement of 10" x 8" by three sides only would be open. The pouch fixed inside the bag as shown in the image

I stitched zip cover as shown in the image.

finally the outline of the bag stitched and final shape given. this is a folding bag. The bag has been kept inside the pouch which is stitched inside the bag.



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